Santa’s Bootcamp Preview: It’s a different kind of heat rising in the Bootcamp kitchen!

Is it hot in here, or is it just the steamy exclusive TV Fanatic clip?

They say, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen,” and that’s a lesson Emily learned in Santa Bootcampanother lovely new movie in It’s A Wonderful Lifetime list.

Grab your cocoa with marshmallows and get ready for this one!

TV Fanatic had to be on the Nice list this year because we scored an exclusive first look at Santa’s Bootcamp, and if that’s the kind of heat we have to expect with this film, we’ll probably spontaneously burn out with an overload of kindness and all the feelings at the end of the film!

The Walking Dead Veteran Emily Kinney stars in this star-studded Christmas movie that’s sure to be on your favorites list.

Event Planning - Santa Bootcamp

Kinney, ironically, plays Emily Strauss, an ambitious and sweet young event planner who lands a whole gig when a mall magistrate, played by CastlePatrick Cassidey, needs her to organize a huge Christmas gala in the hopes of impressing and landing deals with important investors.

It feels like the opportunity of a lifetime, and Emily jumps on it, getting into the holiday spirit as best she can to pull off this major feat.

But she needs a little help getting into the Christmas spirit and finding all the essentials needed to make this gala a must-attend event and a resounding success.

And when you need a crash course in the Christmas spirit and finding the perfect Santa, where else do you go but Santa Bootcamp?

Santa's Training Camp Keyart

And what’s a boot camp without a drill sergeant, right? Well, that’s where the legendary and beloved Rita Moreno, posing as Belle, comes in.

Naturally, she’s sweet as can be, pure of heart, and determined to get Emily into the holiday spirit and reintroduce the magic of Christmas to her.

Of course, Emily may also discover a little love along the way. A girl can multitask, after all.

Justin Gaston stars as Aiden, the handsome man who catches her eye and lends her a hand or two, and hopefully her heart too, by the end of the film.

Emily and Aiden - Santa Bootcamp

Santa Bootcamp is produced and directed by lifelong veteran and Christmas royalty Melissa Joan Hart and her company Hartbreak Films Inc.

It also stars Tony Award winner Marissa Jaret Winokur, John Schuck, veteran actress (and wife of CODA’s Troy Kotsur) Deanne Bray, and Zyra Singleton.

In our exclusive clip, we get a taste of Emily and Aiden’s chemistry, and nothing can turn up the sexual tension like a cooking lesson.

If you’ve ever swooned over that pottery scene in Ghost, you’ll understand why the hands-on activity of kneading dough may have made poor Emily feel a little hot and bothered. She realizes that she may have developed feelings for the helpful aide.

Emily and Belle - Santa Bootcamp

And has anyone ever realized how many double meanings there are with food descriptions? No wonder Emily needs a break!

It’s the very definition of a fun, naughty and, dare we say, sexy good time. Don’t take our word for it; watch the clip below for yourself!

Santa Bootcamp starts this Saturday, November 19 at 8/7am on Lifetime!

Jasmine Blue is a senior writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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