Families return to Lee County trick-or-treat alternative

DONNELLSON, Iowa (WGEM) — Having fun doesn’t have to be dangerous.

A Halloween event held in the Tri-States on Saturday provided a safe place for children to be entertained with activities the whole family could enjoy.

All Treats No Tricks organizer Tammy Lemaster said the event took about a year of planning.

“It was just something we thought about six years ago, ‘Hey, this would be something fun’, and then of course we got into it, everybody got into it and now you know it’s something we look forward to doing every year,” Lemaster said.

It is hosted by Lee County Crime Stoppers, a program that gives residents the ability to provide anonymous information about criminal activity in the area.

Lemaster is the president of this group and said her team has been hosting this event for six years to try and provide a not-so-scary Halloween experience for county residents.

Parents like Donnellson resident Molly McDonald said they appreciate having a safe space like this to get their kids to cheat or treat.

“It’s super safe to be here, it’s closed most of the time and there are so many vendors here and it’s just an amazing experience,” McDonald said.

Lemaster said the group works closely with community members to provide this space.

“It’s not scary for them, you know, they can come in and they can look at the thing and say ‘Wow!’ you know parents can come, it can be a family event,” Lemaster said.

About 40 community groups and businesses made donations or set up vendor tables at the event, which organizers and attendees said was detrimental to holding the event in the first place.

“I’m so grateful to have something like this in our community,” McDonald said.

Lee County Crime Chess will begin planning All Treats No Tricks next year in about a week.

You can find out more about their band here.

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