Anambra, a woman with physical disabilities, laments a burned down shop and asks for help

Tragedy struck the industrial town of Nnewi in Anambra State when a shop belonging to a physically disabled person, identified as Amobichukwu Amara, was burned to the ground.

The popular store owned by Amara, named Lady Whyte Event Planner and Kitchen, located in Umudim-Nnewi, was set on fire around 2am on Tuesday.

Only the store belonging to the physically handicapped was razed out of a dozen stores in the same place.

No one has been able to determine exactly how the store caught fire, but some people said it could have been a power surge.

It was established that the Midnight Hell completely destroyed his shop, including items such as a freezer, a generator, kitchen utensils, plastic tables and chairs, one hundred and fifty cases of drinks and miscellaneous items.

The shop burnt down.

Amara, while speaking to reporters on Tuesday, lamented that all of her investments in the boutique since she started operations there in 2019 have collapsed.

She said: ‘I don’t know why I have to deserve this, there are about 10 shops in this place but it’s only mine that the night marauders chose to burn down.

“Whoever did this finished me off. I struggled to prove that there is capacity in disability, that’s why I don’t ask for alms to feed myself, rather I employed a few people to help me in my business.

“The idea of ​​whether the fire was caused by a power surge should be outdated because I’m using a generator, I don’t use electricity, I believe some people just decided to punish me for just what God knows,” Amara explained. .

The 35-year-old, who is physically disabled, however said she did not suspect anyone as she had never had any problems with anyone.

“What can I do, I have been pushed to the limit by the perpetrators of this despicable act, I can only hope and pray that the well off people in society will rise up for my help,” Amara said.

The Nnewi-born disabled lady further sought support from public-minded individuals in Nnewi and Nigeria at large, saying she had been left with nothing.

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