Democratic and Republican party chairmen hold joint forum on Oct. 15 – Newton Daily News

Leaders of Jasper County’s two main parties have teamed up to coordinate a candidates’ forum, which may be the only way for voters to see opposing views. The forum will be held at noon on October 15 at the Newton Community Theater, 1701 S. Eighth Ave. E, and will allow supervisor and Statehouse candidates to share their views.

Hosted by Republican Party Chairman Thad Nearmyer and Democratic Party Chairwoman Michelle Smith, the forum will be divided into State House nominees and supervisor nominees. Forum participants can pose questions to applicants, which will be answered by a Central College professor acting as moderator.

Smith is happy that the parties can come together and co-host the event.

“Knowledge is powerful, and I believe voters will have the opportunity to hear stark contrasts between candidates and realize that our country is teetering in danger,” Smith said. “Danger of rights being stripped. It started with the SCOTUS toppling Roe v. Wade. The GOP will not stop there.

That’s why Smith thought co-hosting the forum was important because “democracy is on the ballot.” Nearmyer said the forum is the only chance for voters to see candidates from both parties interact with each other in the same place and at the same time.

“If it’s something the voter cares about, there’s your chance because Republicans aren’t in the (women voters) League forum,” Nearmyer said. “…I think the (Democratic) leadership is pretty strong. I think that says a lot that they will work with us on this.

Bonnie Pitz, president of the League of Women Voters of Jasper County, supports the forum. The local League of Women Voters organizes its own forum as it does almost every election year. Although Pitz and the organization support the forum, he is not part of it.

“We are willing to support and facilitate other opportunities for nonpartisan engagement to the best of our ability, as long as they align with our nonpartisan commitment to never support or oppose any candidate or party. party and that they are conducted in a fair and civil manner,” Pitz said.

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