10X Teams 2022 Tips and Tricks

The keynote on day two of the Teams 10X Summit 2022 featured tips and tricks to improve your Microsoft Teams experience.

Teams 10X is a virtual summit exploring “tactics and techniques that are helping businesses around the world use Teams. The two-day events hosted 70 speakers, over 70 meetings, over 10,000 participants and over 98 countries.

Stephen Rose, Senior Product Manager at Microsoftdelivered his keynote via Teams, sharing little-known but useful tips on presenting in Teams, shared channels, transcription, webinars and live events.

Rose started by sharing some behind-the-scenes info on the feature rollout at Microsoft: “More GCC (Government Community Cloud) features?

“Yes, we’d love to, but GCC’s functionality is based on how quickly the government can approve the functionality and run it through all of its testing.

“We are not the slow ones; it is the government. We ship them as soon as the feature reaches GA (general availability).

“We send it to them, but unfortunately it takes them anywhere from 90 days to up to six months from the time it arrives in GA for them to go through it, certify it, and approve it.

“Trust me; we would like to do this if it weren’t for the backlog we’re seeing with US government testing.

Present in teams

Rose’s first tip was about presenting in Teams. He told the audience not to share their screens during the presentation as it creates lag and lowers the quality, making it “blurry”.

The answer is simply to do “Present” in Teams. He recommended using Powerpoint Live or Excel Live to make your presentations.

Other presentation tips included clicking the eyeball symbol next to “Stop Sharing” to prevent people from seeing your entire presentation. Of course, there are times when you might want people to be able to do this.

There is also a translation button you can activate, allowing both the speaker and the viewer to select one of 28 different languages.

Shared channels

Teams has private channels, internal shared channels, and Teams connects shared channels as well.

If you have a regular channel, anyone can join it because it’s public. People can search for it to find it through a private channel and invite others internally to that group.

Shared channels, however, take advantage of Azure B2B and allow you to create a channel inside of it.

You can invite internal and external users to this channel, and only people who have been invited can see the content inside.

It is a closed private space inside this channel in which your external users can work. This can be useful if you are doing a project with an outside company and want to make sure everything is secure.

Microsoft Loop

Rose was shamelessly “crazy for Loop,” he told attendees. A lot of people have Loop but don’t realize it, but love it when they see it, Rose said.

Microsoft Loop is a new app that combines a flexible canvas with components that sync across Microsoft 365. Rose provided a live demo, showing how a list can be simultaneously shared and co-authored in the Teams tenant.

It is different from a shared document because it requires review and approval. Loop enables instant, live collaboration.

Loop can currently be used in Teams and Outlook. Soon it will be available in Word, Excel and Teams spaces, where all Loop conversations will be stored in one place.

The Microsoft loop was first announced in 2021which Microsoft has dubbed “the next big Microsoft 365 breakthrough.”


Rose recommends enabling the Teams transcription feature. The first reason he gave was that it might make it easier for employees whose native language is not the one the speaker uses.

Second, some people may have difficulty hearing, or they may have auditory processing difficulties. Yet, more simply, it is easier to process visual information.

The third reason is that enabling transcription allows listeners to enable live translation if they wish.

Rose said:

“I spoke to large audiences in India, Sweden and Singapore. When I turned on the transcription, the audience roared in approval.

“I speak English quickly and have a bit of a Chicago accent.

“I want to make sure everyone can get the most out of my session and do it.

“It also makes me slow down a bit because if you’re going too fast, you’re out of sync with what’s on the slide, so it helps you make the step.”


Rose walked the audience through setting up a Teams webinar.

It demonstrated how easy it is to create a webinar, add hosts, set time zones, choose subtitles, schedule, and other registration features that come with it.

Other tips and tricks

Some other tips and tricks that are popular right now in the Teams community include learning keyboard shortcuts. You can respond to chats by pressing the letter “R” on your keyboard, for example.

Use third-party apps through the “Manage apps” section in the admin center. From here, you can manage your third-party apps. Some popular apps to add are Evernote, Adobe, Trello, Polly, and Karma.

Microsoft Planner integrates with Word, Excel, Forms and other applications. The task management tool can be added to the Teams platform, allowing workers to use it together, share ideas and create plans.

UC Today recently has compiled a list of six new Microsoft Teams tips and tricks.

Rose shared some other helpful resources for learning about new Teams features and functionality: “Here are some great links to check out. We have our adoption.microsoft.com, which is awesome.

“There’s also my show docs, our new app certification program for the third-party app technology community, which has our ‘What’s new in Teams?’ blog every month.You can see “What’s New” as well as a blog about just about every new feature.

“You’ll see lots of great blogs on Ignite and, of course, our Teams feedback site.”

Teams 10X took place September 28-29, 2022 and included many global Microsoft Teams experts.

Microsoft Ignite, which is expected to showcase the latest Microsoft Teams innovations, will run from October 12-14.

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