Make Your Marriage Lasting

Prerana Agarwal Saxena, founder of Theme Weavers Designs, helps you plan a sustainable wedding

From sending out planting invitations to giving saplings as party favors, event planners are striving to provide couples with greener ways to host sustainable occasions. We too are working on options to further enhance the decor of the event using creative yet sustainable design ideas. Here are ways to make your marriage more lasting….

Go digital
Using technology is an easy way to become eco-friendly. Even working with your wedding planner no longer requires traveling – helping to minimize the carbon footprint of the occasion – and planners can be in constant contact with clients and vendors to help them make informed decisions and to finalize the updates. Consider the conscious options of electronic invitations – made popular during the height of the pandemic – or recycled paper for invitations. Get your eco-friendly wedding off to a flying start with the reduction in waste that is typically produced when using vellum paper for wedding invitations and stationery.

Choose an environmentally friendly location
India has places such as Jaipur or Goa that have become favorites for destination weddings, but it also has other places such as the Khimsar sand dunes that offer stunning scenic views. One can also explore the unparalleled beauty of India’s jungles with a wedding at a luxurious wildlife estate. Surrounded by towering trees, the gentle chorus of forest birds, and the sight of jungle chital herds, the enchanting stay will provide an experience like no other, while reducing the carbon footprint of the event. You will also be able to discover exotic panoramas and bring dynamism to the event with the local culture. This ensures that you and your guests have an immersive experience of the venue without sacrificing style to be durable.

Choose to become a native

Be sure to work with artisans local to the destination where you are hosting the wedding. This will give you the opportunity to blend the region’s creative roots into the décor for a unique style statement. Choosing to go locally additionally provides value by having everything done in the vicinity of the location. For example, in Rajasthan, the traditional technique of blown glass can be integrated as a decorative element. Local crafts bring an unforgettable dimension to the festivities, and the inclusion of local artisans, vendors and distributors also helps create jobs.

Be smart with lighting
Decide to use LED lights rather than regular lights. LED lamps emit the same amount of light as traditional lamps with only 36 watts consumed. They convert 95% of their energy consumption into light and only 5% into heat. It also helps the environment as LEDs require less energy from power stations and also emit less greenhouse gases.


Choose to reduce food waste
Choose to limit the number of dishes on the menu and opt for a sit-down dinner instead of a buffet. This helps reduce food waste. You also have the option of choosing a sustainable menu that is local. Because there will be no food transport and reduced packaging, a lower carbon footprint will be generated.

Plan to reuse and recycle
When planning the wedding, think ahead about ways to reuse and recycle decorative items such as mirrors, lanterns, signs or artificial flower decorations. These can be easily donated to a nursing home or orphanage. Theme Weavers Designs, for example, works with NGOs to ensure the proper distribution of leftover meals and decorative items. And, of course, avoid the use of single-use plastic bottles and choose to have glass bottles or copper carafes at the function instead.

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