MSNBC host says Donald Trump’s ‘Mar-a-Lago’ Justice Aileen Cannon is now on GOP Supreme Court shortlist

Lawrence O’Donnell said on Tuesday that Justice Aileen Cannon’s order granting Donald Trump’s request for documents seized at Mar-a-Lago is an unofficial bid for the next Supreme Court vacancy under a Republican president.

Cannon on Monday accepted the argument made by Trump’s lawyers that a special master should be appointed to sift through the documents, looking for those protected by solicitor-client privilege – even if the Justice Department said at the end of last month that he already did.

“Well, thanks to Donald Trump and the Republican Party embracing Trumpian ways, we now know, tonight, the name of the next Republican nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States,” O’Donnell said during the opening of its 10 p.m. show. Cannon, he said, “publicly applied for the post of Supreme Court justice, writing, yesterday, in a 24-page notice.”

Cannon’s order was criticized by legal experts, with O’Donnell adding that it “has no connective tissue with preexisting legal research in America.” Instead, he said, Cannon “just made it up.”

Cannon, a Trump appointee, also wrote that involving a third party would help prevent Trump from suffering “reputational damage.” O’Donnell took aim at this piece in particular.

“One of the most absurd notions in his order giving Donald Trump everything he asked for is the idea that a future indictment of Donald Trump, based on this evidence, ‘would lead to reputational damage’. “, did he declare. “The only way Donald Trump could suffer reputational damage is if the evidence contained child pornography, which it certainly does not. You cannot suffer damage to your reputation if you have already destroyed your reputation.

The MSNBC host then referenced, among other things, Trump making a silent payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, his 2005 comment on how women let him grab them “by the pussy and the $25 million settlement after Trump University students sued, alleging fraud.

“Sometimes a judicial opinion is about the law and the constitution, not about the author of the opinion,” O’Donnell said, citing the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision ordering President Richard Nixon to turn over documents to the special prosecutor who is investigating him.

Not so with Cannon’s order, he continued, comparing it to a plot point in the 1972 film. The Godfather.

“The day came when Donald Trump needed a service from Judge Aileen Mercedes Cannon. And she did. It’s history.

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