Zero tolerance drunk driver this Labor Day weekend

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Officials have said Labor Day weekend is one of the deadliest times on the road, and police have stepped up patrols for the holiday weekend to enforce tolerance zero for drunk driving.

For many people, Labor Day weekend is a time to spend with family and friends and enjoy the long weekend. But police and transport officials are reminding people that this is also a time when celebrations could turn into tragedies.

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Throughout the holiday weekend, police in every county will clog the roads and set up DUI checkpoints to remove drunk drivers from the road.

Honolulu Police Capt. James Slayter said, “We have so many traffic division officers out there, you know, trying to protect our roads. We will therefore have a very increased presence in appearance. So the agents are going to be there, we’ll have multiple sobriety checkpoints across the island. »

HPD officers made at least 22 impaired driving arrests between Friday and Saturday. The department also partners with organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving to share the traffic safety message with drivers.

Theresa Paulette, victim specialist at MADD Hawaii, said: “We know impaired drivers are out there. And we need law enforcement to try to catch them before there is a fatal accident.

Paulette said all crashes involving impaired drivers are preventable.

According to Honolulu police, there have been a total of 56 critical and fatal crashes on Oahu so far this year, up one fatality from the same time last year.

Slayter said: “These are preventable. They are preventable. If someone had just been a little more responsible.

Officials are reminding people to plan a safe return home before any celebration. Paulette said making sure no one is buzzing behind the wheel is part of being a good party host.

She said: “It would be great if they spoke to their guests and put it in their invitation about, hey, we’re going to serve alcohol. And you know, please plan ahead, let us know what your plans are.

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There have been 76 fatal crashes across the state so far this year.

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