Letter from Hempstead County Sheriff on Operation Christmas 2022 – SWARK today

Sheriff James Singleton and staff attending with Walmart employees at Shop With a Deputy last year.

September 1, 2022

Dear Citizens, Business Leaders and Community Leaders of Hempstead County,

In 2017, the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office launched a program to help young people and their families over Christmas. Thanks to you and others who have taken the time to donate your hard-earned money, help our store with an assistant program, wrap gifts and provide snacks for the kids while they shop. , it was a huge success.

I want to thank you for your support over the past few years, last year’s shop with an assistant was a huge success, we were able to take 196 children in Hempstead County shopping and give them a lovely Christmas.

As business owners, I realize that you receive donation requests for various projects throughout the year. And I realize that with the economy and high fuel prices, you may not be able to contribute this year. However, if you can, we will certainly appreciate it.

We are beginning to prepare for the Operation Christmas 2022 program and would like your help in this endeavour. We are a bit behind schedule this year and will not be able to hold as many fundraisers as last year. We are partnered with several fire departments across the county. Our goal in 2022 is to reach as many children as possible in Hempstead County and help them have a Christmas they will remember.

Our plan is to ask for your help in this endeavor, what we need from you is your support to buy publicity for our new office planner for 2023. We are partnering with the Southwest Teachers Co-Op to produce our desk calendar/planner, so we can keep more of the profits and use them to fund our “CHRISTMAS OPERATION” program.

Funds from the planners’ sale will be used to purchase Christmas gifts for children and families who just need a little help this Christmas. We will also solicit the names of teachers and other people who may know a child in need.

We will also incorporate a SHOP WITH AN ASSISTANT event where our assistants, depending on funds, will take the kids shopping for Christmas. Our local Wal-Mart in Hope helped us secure a Wal-Mart Community Grant of $4,000.00 to use and is a great host for this event, providing milk, orange juice, Christmas cookies and donuts while the kids shop with our Deputies, Police, EMS, First Responders and Firefighters.

If anyone would like to help this year or knows of a child in need, please contact Assistant Rebecca Billings, Assistant Marla Gullion or me. at the sheriff’s office.

Individuals can also contribute if you wish to help, please make checks payable to; OPERATION CHRISTMAS and mail them to the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office at 312 South Washington, Hope, Arkansas 71801.

Deputy Rebeca Medlen Billings or Deputy Marla Gullion will tour the companies that posted an ad in last year’s calendar and agenda. Please help us bring Christmas to the less fortunate children in our county.

Full Page $400.00

½ page $250.00

¼ page $200.00

½ of ¼ page $150.00

Business card $100.00

Thank you for your time, God bless,

James A. Singleton, Sheriff

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