Fury Over Dad inviting 8 parents to stay the week of his daughter’s wedding

A father has been criticized for being a little too accommodating as his daughter’s wedding day approached.

Traditionally, the main duties of the father of the bride are to walk his daughter down the aisle and deliver a heartfelt speech at the wedding reception.

However, event planner and wedding industry educator Kawania Wooten says there’s a little more to it. “I consider the father of the bride to be a great resource to help you find your center when things get crazy,” she said Brides. “Above all, it’s a support system.”

Archival footage of a visiting family and an unhappy bride. A father has been criticized for being a little too accommodating to his extended family as his daughter’s wedding day approaches.

Wooten said the bride’s father should be available to help smooth over any difficulties, make tough decisions and, most importantly, keep the bride happy and calm.

However, according to a post shared on Mumsneta dad’s eagerness to help before the big day may have gotten him in hot water with the bride-to-be.

Writing under the handle CakeFiend8, the mother of the bride complained that her husband may have over-complicated things after inviting two families to stay at their home in the days leading up to their daughter’s big day.

The problem? They are currently residing in a two bedroom property and have no vacant rooms. “The two families consist of her niece, her husband and their 2 children, and her [brother and] sister-in-law and their two children,” she wrote.

“My husband said we’ll give one family our bedroom while we sleep where there’s a sofa, and the other family will take the front room with a sofa bed.” The concerned mother said her husband was Italian and there was a tradition between him and his relatives to “host the family” during their visits.

However, under the circumstances, she thinks it’s less than ideal. “It’s the week of our daughter’s wedding which will surely be chaotic just waiting for the bathroom in the morning with 11 people in the house!” she says. The mother of the bride went on to accuse her husband of “overriding his daughter’s feelings, but also his wife’s.” She added: “It adds to the anxiety of my daughter, who is already stressed out with wedding plans, and I, as mother of the bride, have kittens!”

The mother wasn’t the only one to express shock at the father’s decision, either. Commenting on the post, Nanny0gg said, “Either tell him he apologizes and rescinds the invites, or you’ll do it while putting the blame firmly on his feet.” Mrcow agreed, writing, “He needs to fix this. No one should stay.”

“You don’t want him or you to get too tired and risk ruining the wedding,” he commented further. “The priority here must be your daughter and yourself!” Speaking from personal experience, HappyHarpy said: “My daughter got married last Friday and there’s absolutely no way I could have dealt with that…She really wanted her bridesmaids to stay the night. previous one and that took precedence over anything else.”

TheFormidableMrC added: ‘I would tell him you and your daughter are moving into a hotel for a week so you can relax and enjoy the build and the prep and he can put his family up and all that goes with it.

CakeFiend8 later returned to confirm that they are now considering renting an Airbnb for the bride ahead of her big day.

Newsweek was unable to verify the details of the case.

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