Cops warn against apps and websites offering loans

Aizawl: The Mizoram Police warned people against mobile apps and websites offering online loans.

A statement released by the police said several complaints had been received in the recent past against deception by fraudsters, who offered loans online through mobile apps and websites.

She points out that numerous complaints of harassment by debt collectors have also been reported.

The statement states that the scammers granted a small amount of loan through these mobile apps and websites.

Even when the loanees paid the amount, debt collectors harassed the loanees asking them to pay it back citing that the first payment had failed, he said.

Sometimes the recovery agent blackmailed people on loan with their personal information, which they had access to when installing mobile apps, he said.

Citing that such apps could be dangerous and deceptive, the police statement says the fraudster or company sought to access users’ personal data at the time of installation.

He asked the public to refrain from using such apps and availing such loans online.

He further urged people to be aware of the risk and not to give permission or access to personal information while installing mobile apps.

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