Purpleberry Jam performing at the Coral Gables Museum

Gallery Night at the Coral Gables Museum

Gallery Night at the Coral Gables Museum

Florida Guitar Foundation Open Mic

Florida Guitar Foundation Open Mic

Gallery Night returns to the Coral Gables Museum on August 5 at 6:00 p.m. Enjoy live music, Florida Guitar Foundation open mic and cocktail bar.

The museum is proud to offer up-and-coming local artists a space and an opportunity to engage with the community here in Coral Gables.

— Pamela Londono, Public Relations and Community Outreach Manager

CORAL GABLES, FL, USA, July 23, 2022 / — Gallery Night returns to the Coral Gables Museum next Friday, August 5, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Among the offerings and amenities this time around are live music, the Florida Guitar Foundation’s open mic, and a cocktail bar.

In the court, Purpleberry Jam will release their new album “Violet”, which features a unique blend of Funk, Rock, Rhythm & Blues while infusing modern flavors. They will also perform covers of rock classics like Santana, Jimi Hendrix, etc. “This album is the culmination of two years of hard work and motivation to pursue our dreams.” says bassist and vocalist Julian Rodriguez. “We are thrilled to share our music and the Coral Gables Museum is the perfect place to host our album launch party. We are happy to be able to celebrate this achievement with them as we have continued to grow. we’d like to share is that we’re in 1st place in a contest to be the opening act for Audacy’s biggest show of the year at the Hollywood Bowl! We hope our friends and the Gallery Night crowd can vote to help us win.”

“The museum is proud to offer up-and-coming local artists a space and an opportunity to engage with the community here in Coral Gables. Having seen Purpleberry Jam perform here occasionally for the past two years, we are happy to celebrate this significant achievement with them – they have become a community favourite! says Pamela Londono, Public Relations and Community Outreach Manager.

As an added treat, iRoll Sushi will be joining us, serving signature delicious ingredients and high quality fresh raw fish that will delight every customer. Their iconic food truck will be “rolling” the side of our yard from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., ready to roll sushi at your command!

Inside the museum, visitors can enjoy the exhibits for free. Currently on view are “Excess Paint; The artistic revival of Kyiv, 1985-1993”; “Capture Downtown Coral Gables”; “Mechanics; Recent Paintings by Jefreid Lotti”; and “Points East – Montauk/Miami”, as well as our permanent exhibition “Creating the Dream”. A new poster/flyer of the exhibition “Mechanics”, on the work of the young artist local Jefreid Lotti, with a text by art critic Joaquin Badajoz, will be available to the public in the Lobby.This popular exhibition compiles more than 15 recent paintings by Lotti.

Starting at 7 p.m., the Florida Guitar Foundation will host its monthly open mic night in the Community Meeting Room. All classical guitar or similar fingerstyle players are welcome to bring their instruments and take the stage. These sessions provide a supportive, low-pressure environment in which musicians can hone their performance skills or show off a new piece they have been working on.
Recent publications, posters, tote bags, clothing items and souvenirs from the Museum’s gift shop will be on sale at the front desk. They are also available on the Museum’s online store. By purchasing one or more of our great designs, you help fund our continued growth and development of educational and community programs.
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Exhibitions currently on view:
Painting in Excess: The Kyiv Art Revival 1985-1993
Capture Downtown Coral Gables
MECHANICS: Recent paintings by Jefreid Lotti
Points East – Montauk/Miami

Read what our visitors say!
“I think it’s fantastic. What else do you want? You are in the gables, you have an art museum, drinks. It’s free culture, why not? Once a month is not enough! – Ishmael Llano
“My girlfriends and I don’t miss Gallery Night. The Museum is the place to be on a Friday night. They always have something interesting to do besides the shows. I love it!” -Mirna Beletti

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Gallery Night at the Coral Gables Museum

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