Kamloops poker pro’s final table debut nets him $1.3 million

“I saw all the other guys, they were getting nasty and they started making little mistakes. That’s when I picked up all my chips. When there’s 10 left, the official final table is nine, I didn’t want that asterisk next to my name. It was pretty exciting and fun (to reach the final table) but there was still work to do,” Duczak said.

At the final table, Duczak was positioned with the big stack exactly where you didn’t want it, directly to his left.

“I knew I probably took the worst spot in the house with Espen Jorstad, he’s probably the best player at the table too, quite honestly (Jorstad won the event and $10m). I knew that there were a lot of guys pulling chips like crazy so I was just going to have to play really well and wait for some cards to be played and that’s pretty much what I did,” Duczak added.

One of his hands at the final table did the trick, when he looked ace-king and flopped the best hand. (The flop completed its queen, jack, ten straight).

“It was really tight too because the other guy flopped a set of jacks. I was still only a 60 or 70 percent favorite to get the hand raised,” Duczak said. almost jumped out of my seat, which I never do, I’m usually very stoic at the table, but the juice was pumping there for sure.”

He put his money well down the line with suited connectors, putting it in a pair of heads or tails hands that he didn’t like.

“It was a no-brainer, I was going in the big blind and the big blind ante and I think I had four big blinds. So suited connectors are definitely the way to go. I wasn’t passing up a chance and it didn’t work,” Duczak said.

Despite exiting the final table early, Duczak walked with $1.3 million, his best career result.

“It will not be my best result at all. The best is yet to come, that’s for sure,” said Duczak.

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