Successful trapper rendezvous in Yellow Grass –

The Saskatchewan Trappers Association (STA) held their trappers rendezvous in Yellow Grass last Saturday.

The event was well attended, with around a hundred people.

“We’ve had our die-hard trappers coming no matter what,” said event organizer and alternate director for STA Region 12, Jade Rooney. “We had local people coming in, and a good number of kids and I think they really had a blast with everything that happened that day.”

There were many activities throughout the day, such as gopher trapping, a coyote quick butchering demonstration, and a raccoon trapping demonstration.

“We started by taking the kids to the gopher trap and they had early success. I think the first gopher was caught in about 10 minutes by the only little guy it was actually his birthday so he was really excited about it and he ended up winning a $20 prize for being the first catch of the day.

The Weyburn Wildlife Federation brought their archery gear for the youngsters, and local conservation officers helped with the children’s BB gun shooting, with an emphasis on gun safety.

“Funny enough, the little guy whose birthday it was, he also won the BB gun in the raffle.”

Rooney said that without the fur trade in Canada, it would not exist as a country.

“I think what people don’t realize is that trappers probably care a lot more about wildlife and infractions and infractions than anyone I know,” Rooney said. “I think what people miss is that trappers are focused on catching a certain individual with the management of that species. We do not look at the species, as long as the number of species is maintained, we can remove certain individuals from this population, which will make it easier for the rest of the individuals.

Rooney will be at Heritage Village Days, which will take place August 5-6.

Trapper Event

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