Tide crashes into Hawaii wedding, newlyweds recount moment

A bride and groom had an unexpected visitor on their wedding day – a giant wave crashing into their reception area.

One of the wedding guests, @ken_n.yb on Instagram, shared a now-viral video of the wave crashing into the seawall.

Newlyweds, Dillon and Riley Murphy of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, told TODAY that on their wedding day, Saturday, July 16, they were actually more concerned about rain than high tides.

Dillon said he was preparing for the ceremony, which was held at the local Hulihe’e Palace museum., shortly before 5 p.m. when the wedding planner came to pick him up.

“(She) was like, ‘OK, we’re about to leave. Everything seems like it’s about to start on time,'” he recalled. “And we just look over there and there’s a wall of water and we were like, ‘Oh no, I probably won’t start on time. “”

Dillon and Riley Murphy after the ceremony.Courtesy of Dillion and Riley Murphy

Riley said she had just arrived at the scene moments earlier and missed the wave slamming against the wall. When she looked out the window, she saw her friends and family springing into action to clean everything up.

“I just looked and the whole dance floor was submerged under water and our vases (of flowers), everything was knocked over,” she said. “At first it was like ‘Oh my God, what a nightmare!’ But how quickly all of our family and friends and really everyone at the wedding had to, like, rearrange everything, dry out. (We) just stayed calm.

The two added that the swell had done no harm to anyone and had only taken out a few empty restaurant tables and one of the bars. The rest of the ceremony and reception took place on the other side of the room.

Importantly, the Murphys also noted that the wedding cake and other food survived the surge.

“We are blessed and lucky that this happened and in a way that did not affect us too much,” said Dillon, adding that their thoughts are with the rest of the south of the Big Island which has been affected by the swell. “Their homes and, you know, their livelihoods were hit and some of their apartments were flooded and all that. So lucky for us, you know, we were able to kind of carry on and the party continued – but our hearts go out to all those people who have had, you know, kind of a negative effect.”

The two said they didn’t let the high tide dampen their spirits and were grateful their wedding planner and guests were able to help save the day.

“It was really unifying,” Riley said, adding that it was “certainly what you consider a disaster, but it turned out to be a really nice way to bring our families and friends together.”

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