A charity event will be organized for the survivor of a shark attack

The outpouring of community support for Addison has been enormous. His Facebook group, Fight Like Addison, has been around for less than a week and already has more than 12,000 likes.

On August 27, a charity event will be held at Forest Capital Museum State Park.

The fundraiser will be for 17-year-old shark attack survivor Addison Bethea. After the news broke, the Perry community rallied round to show their support.

“And to have this incident just happen to her, as a mother, broke my heart and I wanted to do something for her,” event organizer Trish Buhler said.

Buhler is a registered nurse and resident of Perry, Florida. Once she heard about Addison’s story, she spearheaded the fundraiser. After some suggestions, she contacted local businesses to help her.

One such business is the Mother Truckin’ Waffles food truck.

After only a few months in business, Jenn Niquette knew this was something she had to part ways with. She discovered Addison’s favorite treats and baked the perfect waffle.

“We’re going to call it Addison’s Victory Waffle because we think it’s going to be a win. As she recovers and overcomes the challenges, we think she’s going to win. We’ll sell that waffle when event and all proceeds will go to Addison’s cause,” Niquette said.

Organizers say their goal is to raise $10,000.

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