Event Planner Brittany Sharp Shares 5 Latest Bridal Trends

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Event planner and interior designer Brittany Sharp provides insight into some of the latest wedding trends and how normal wedding traditions are being broken. She says these are influenced by both the two-year pandemic and social media.

Brittany was talking about Good Day Atlanta on Fox News and she shared that the biggest areas that have seen these big changes include wedding entertainment, weekend weddings, destination weddings, a hint of color on the dresses of brides and bridesmaids and a little surprise snack for the guests.

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wedding entertainment

Wedding reception entertainment topped Brittany’s list, she says weddings are more than nuptials at an altar, so brides should try to make it an unforgettable experience for attendees.

“People are really focused on having fun. They’re happy to be out of the pandemic, to be able to celebrate with family and friends. We’re seeing a lot of people focusing on huge concerts and bringing celebrity guests to shows. shows,” she said. .

weekend weddings

People have been stuck inside for a while and Brittany says they want to be able this time around for like four, five days. People do full-fledged weekends.

“It involves coming into town on Thursday, having a welcome party on a rooftop. Then ending on Sunday, with a family brunch with family and friends,” she says.

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Destination Weddings

Brittany says destination weddings are for brides who want a big party but don’t like to plan, that way you and your guest can partake in activities the resort already offers people who come to town for parties. holidays.

According to Brittany, “destination elements are a really big trend right now because they allow people to have these huge parties without the financial cost, because you can leverage things that are already happening.”

Colorful dresses for brides and bridesmaids

Brides are moving away from traditional white dresses. “We see people wearing black, we see people tapping into neon colors for their bridesmaids and really creating their own experience. Everyone wants to see what’s going to go viral. People aren’t as scared than they were in the old days,” explains the event organizer.

Food trends

Brittany says brides should consider extending the celebration by including food trucks. Food trucks are really big these days.

“You’ve been at a wedding for three to four hours and had dinner seated, but once the dancing stops, you crave a snack or chips,” she says. It’s a nice surprise for your guests after investing in the event.

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