An editor’s guide to planning a wedding on a budget.

I want to start this post by acknowledging that for many brides, wedding planning is no fun. Well, not everything.

For those of us who aren’t event planners, the process can be stressful, arduous, and full of seemingly innocuous decisions that are meant to determine whether or not your wedding will be a success.

But having tied the knot, I can 100% assure you that the day will FINALLY come when the hard work is worth it, you can marry your person, and honestly, you don’t think what any of this is going to look like in a photo when you’re surrounded by love and champagne and staring at a robust cheese board.

Images: Supplied/Jasmine Burns.

And while I didn’t enjoy every minute of planning my big day (and that’s okay), one thing I did appreciate was the style. As a fashion editor, it was important to me to reflect my personal style in what I wore – but it was equally important to me (and my future husband) not to spend our entire budget on one dress.

Here’s exactly how I put together my outfit, including where I saved and strategically splurged to land on a look I absolutely loved. Plus, some tips on how we styled our wedding without spending a bomb.

More of a podcaster? Listen to this episode of Mamamia’s fashion podcast, What Are You Wearing?, to hear all my advice. The post continues below.

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