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Photographer Stacy Ideus contributed our June cover photo of Lynn Johnson, who will retire on June 1 after serving as director of Lincoln Parks and Recreation for 22 years. In the photo, Johnson stands in front of artist George Gaudet’s bison statue at Pioneers Park.

Hear testimonials of Johnson’s leadership from donors, colleagues, family members, partners and Lincoln’s past four mayors – all of whom have had their lives touched, inspired and changed by knowing and working with Johnson – in our cover story on pages 14-15.

Maggie Stuckey-Ross, executive director of the Lincoln Parks Foundation, is Johnson’s newly appointed successor as Lincoln’s director of parks and recreation and wrote our cover story.

Around the city

The ninth annual Sip Nebraska event, which celebrates Nebraska wines, craft beers and spirits, returned to Mahoney State Park May 6-7 for the first time since 2019 due to pandemic health mandates in the parks from 2020 to 21. A fun new activity at Sip was goat yoga. Lincoln Yoga Center’s Sheila Palmquist mentioned the idea last year to Blur Parties Sip event planner Stacy Leners and convinced her that the soothing, humorous and positive effects goats have on people would be a welcome respite from the severity of COVID. -19 pandemic.

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From what I’ve seen, Palmquist’s rating is correct. From their yoga positions, participants took selfies with the goats, petting them and laughing at their antics. Several yogis even lined up on their hands and knees so that a goat could walk on their backs.

The goats were provided by Shepherd’s Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue of Pickrell, which benefited from donations to Sip. See our event coverage on pages 6-7.

Along with the still relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in Lincoln and Lancaster counties, there has, thankfully, been the re-emergence of fundraising events. Check out upcoming events on page 12, including Give Lincoln Day today!

Artistic activities

The LUXe Party and Art Auction celebrated 45 years of the LUX Center for the Arts with a record fundraising of $187,000 to support education, exhibition, artist-in-residence programs and LUX awareness program (see pages 8-9). L. Kent Wolgamott reviewed a new exhibition of abstract art by Aaron Holz currently on view at Kiechel Fine Art (pages 16-17). And find out about the upcoming Lincoln Arts Festival (page 17).

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Be sure to check out our Inspire Q&A featuring Maribel Cruz from Talent Plus (page 13), a review of Villa Amore restaurant (pages 22-23) and more.

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