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Organizing and planning events can be a daunting task with many things to consider. That’s why it’s important to have the best event planning tools at your fingertips to make your life as easy as possible. Whether you need to organize your event staff, ensure your events run smoothly, or ensure any legal issues are resolved, we’ve got you covered. The success of an event depends on the quality of its management and organization in all its aspects. It must not only be good, but also perfect. Whether it’s a birthday party with just a few attendees or a multi-day conference with millions of attendees, no matter the size or the occasion, an event planner must have the highest level of organizational skills to achieve perfection.

From event planning, scheduling, budgeting, venue selection, sourcing, content management, on-site activities, audience response management, seamless execution and post-registration. event: an event consists of a myriad of tasks that must be completed perfectly and on time. This is where event management software comes in, meeting all the important requirements for optimal performance. Using this technology not only saves time in organization, but also improves attendee satisfaction and event ROI.

Here is the list of the best event software for Windows Work OS is an open platform where anyone can create and design the tools they need for any aspect of their job. By combining building blocks such as apps and integrations, organizations can create or customize anything they need to improve their business operations. Improve your team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity by customizing each workflow to meet specific business needs.

Businesses can also take advantage of’s industry-specific products: monday marketer, monday sales CRM, monday dev, monday project, and monday work management, all integrated with Work OS.


Eventbrite is an event technology and ticketing platform that helps businesses organize and sell event tickets online, while helping people discover the events they’re passionate about. From workshops to concerts and conferences to world-renowned music and film festivals, Eventbrite caters to events of all shapes and sizes. Accessible online or through mobile apps, Eventbrite’s powerful platform ranges from simple registration and ticketing to a comprehensive event management platform.

Event planners can take advantage of Eventbrite’s self-service event planning tools, including creating email invitations, tracking invitations, and selling tickets. Ticket sales can be managed online through the ticketing website or through integration with social networking sites like Facebook, and real-time sales data helps event planners gauge attendance and sales . Benefits. With powerful discovery channels, robust marketing tools, and industry-leading conversion rates, Eventbrite can help you find the most interested event attendees and sell more tickets for your event.


Eventzilla provides a powerful registration, mobile app, webinar and live streaming platform for a complete suite of turnkey solutions for virtual, hybrid or live event formats. Perfect for conferences, classes, webinars, virtual events, fundraisers, trainings and sporting events.

Eventzilla has everything you need to create a beautiful, branded event website, publish an event schedule, accept registrations, process payments, stream live content, manage attendees, and easily register.


Whova is an award-winning event and conference app. It helps you get information about people you meet at events. Whova is one of the most used mobile apps for professionals to network at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, summits, conventions, business meetings, corporate events, association events, and community gatherings.

Whova, the mobile application for events, received the Event Technology Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018, for three consecutive years.

expand events

You probably already know Zoom and how to use it. This makes Zoom Events, the company’s new event tool, an attractive option. The platform is designed to help organizers manage various aspects of event management, such as hosting sessions via streaming, event sharing and ticket management, etc.

However, Zoom Event mainly focuses on smaller courses and webinar series. It also lacks some of the more advanced features of other platforms, such as digital booths for sponsors and exhibitors. So if you are planning a larger conference or event, this might not be the right fit.


Fonteva allows you to manage an unlimited number of events with a single annual fee. This service is particularly popular in the hospitality industry. The Westin Hotel is one of its regular users. Fonteva is a good option if you are planning an event that will attract guests from abroad.

The system offers over 100 payment options that allow attendees to pay for tickets and other items without worrying about currency conversions. Additionally, planners can set up a temporary event microsite to keep guests engaged. For example, you can offer forums, contests and other online activities in the days leading up to the event.

config tool

ConfTool helps you manage the submission and review process for abstracts and academic papers. It offers advanced import and export options, facilitates communication between authors and participants, and uses customizable submission and rating forms for contributions.

Organizers can choose between two different plans depending on their needs: one for small events up to 150 attendees with basic features, and one for larger events with a wider range of features. In addition to managing summaries, organizers also use Pro Pack conference management software for scheduling, registration, administration, billing, and more.

Ungerboeck Software

Ungerboeck is a cloud-based event management software that helps sports venues, exhibition centers, theaters, trade show organizers, museums and universities manage the entire event lifecycle. event, from guest registration and seat reservation to creating audit-proof invoices and financial management. process analysis. It includes a CRM and sales management module that allows managers to centralize activities for marketing campaigns, customer communications, hiring, quotes and more.

Ungerboeck’s features include e-signatures, advertising, venue management, calendars, room layouts, payment processing, digital menu and food service. The platform includes an Exhibitor Services Hub, an integrated e-commerce application that allows companies to list their product offerings on brand-specific websites and place them on booth plans via a drag-and-drop interface. to file. Additionally, the platform allows event organizers to register and track attendees of conferences, camps, courses, seminars, and exhibitions.

Click on

ClickUp is an application that replaces them all. It’s the future of work. ClickUp offers more than just task management: documents, reminders, goals, calendars and even an inbox. ClickUp is fully customizable and works for any type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize and collaborate. ClickUp’s mission is to make the world more productive by removing the friction of using so many different apps.

Designed for teams of all sizes and across industries, ClickUp’s unique and fully customizable features make it a must-have for any team that wants everything from design to development in one place. The platform allows for great modularity in the form of plugins called “ClickApps” that allow extensive customization for each individual team. ClickUp lets you create custom views that you can save and share with others, and is packed with proprietary features like assigned comments, lineup view, and chart for unprecedented people management. ClickUp’s flexibility, simplicity and ease of use make it a leading “next generation business tool”.


This popular resource for team communication has also been used for interaction at events. With Slack, you can create different channels for different topics within a workspace. For example, you can set up private channels that your team can communicate with or public channels that attendees can use as discussion topics during the event.

In addition to group communication, users can also message each other, make video and voice calls, and share files through the app.

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