BBC Studios is looking for engaged couples and wedding planners for a new series

BBC Studios is looking for British wedding planners and engaged couples to appear in a new series. For now, the working title of the new show is “Master Of Ceremonies” and it will be a contest-based television series that will showcase “the extraordinary talent of wedding planners.”

During the pandemic, the UK wedding industry has been hit particularly hard by the cancellation of big days across the UK. BBC Studios wants to shine the spotlight “on the backbone of the industry which, through thick and thin, helps make couples’ dreams come true”.

A selection of event planners will be responsible for making the dreams of some of Britain’s most deserving couples come true, producing treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Each week, they will receive a specific case and budget to deliver an unforgettable masterpiece, while being judged by leading judges and the couples themselves.

The series will have a warm and festive tone and give viewers a glimpse into the remarkable skills of wedding planners. Planners will compete for a cashless prize and the chance to take their career to the next level.

Planners of all experience levels can apply to be crowned ‘Britain’s Best Wedding Planner’. HERE or they can email the casting team for more details on

Couples planning to get married between August and December 2022 and need help making their day extra special can apply HERE or email the casting team for more details on Applicants must be 18 or over and resident in the UK (including NI) to participate.

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