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New casting, new love at Troukoors

Season 2 of Troukoors (Wedding Fever) is now available (since last night, May 5) for gorging first on Showmax, with Season 1 premiering on kykNET on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 8 p.m. If you live abroad, you can watch on Showmax International. You’ll love it!

  • Shortlisted for two Muse Awards from the Writers Guild of South Africa
  • The new cast this season includes winners Carla Smith, David Viviers, Ilse Klink and Marlo Minnaar, plus rising star Kylie Fisher (Recipes for Love and Murder)
  • “You’ll kinda feel like someone dropped you in glitter when you watch this season” tvplus
  • Behind only Sex in Afrikaans and Devilsdorp in day one views for an Afrikaans title on Showmax

In case you haven’t already become addicted to the series, Troukoors follows three best friends: wedding planner Jessica (Ilse-Lee van Niekerk); his sister Luca (Blyde Smit), a software developer; and her best friend Abi (Fleur du Cap nominee Bianca Flanders), a professional baker.

New casting, new love at Troukoors
The three besties on Troukoors

Season 1 of the hit romantic comedy Showmax Original is up for Best Produced Television Script and Best Screenplay in an Indigenous Language at the Writers Guild of South Africa Muse Awards, which will take place on May 21, 2022.

Season 2 begins with Jessica still with tasty chef Liam (Christiaan Schoombie); Luca trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with fantasy writer Stefan (Evan Hengst), and Abi on a sex fast that we all know will be short-lived…

New casting, new love at Troukoors

Early reviews are glowing. “You’ll kind of feel like someone dropped you in glitter when you watch this season,” says tvplus editor Lucia Poolman (you’ll get the reference when you watch the show). “It’s the perfect after-party for Season 1, with everything happening like a beautifully layered wedding cake: light, but substantial enough to fill you up; sweet with an unexpected zing in the twists that leaves a lingering aftertaste. You’ll wish there were more, even if the ending is perfect.

“Troukoors season 2 offers much the same as the first season, but you don’t necessarily want it any other way,” says Channel24’s Gabi Zietsman. “It’s the best of soapies and romcoms shattered into one and will continue to ignite all dormant romantic synapses. But beyond the romance, you’ll also stay in tune with the brotherly bonds forged along the messy path of life towards self-discovery.

New casting, new love at Troukoors

Troukoors was created by SAFTA winner Louis Pretorius and SAFTA nominee Albert Snyman of Infinity Films (Die Boekklub, Fynskrif), with regular collaborator Nina Swart directing.

They have assembled an all-star cast, which includes 2021 SAFTA winner and 2022 KKNK Kanna Award winner Tinarie van Wyk Loots (Fynskrif) as Jessica’s boss Catherine; Huisgenoot Tempo Award winner Armand Aucamp (Die Boekklub) as Dawid, his ex-boyfriend and fellow event planner; SAFTA contestant Monique Rockman (Gaia, Naming 37) as Yolandie, a waitress at Jakes; and 2022 Kanna nominee Edwin van der Walt (Wonderlus) as one of Liam’s friends.

Season 2 adds even more star power. Marlo Minnaar plays Hugo, a math teacher who catches Abi’s attention. After getting his screen break from Louis and Albert on Die Boland Moorde, Marlo recently won Best Actor: Short Film at the 2022 Silwerskerm Film Festival for Aan/Af and was nominated for Best Actor at the Kanna Awards 2022 for Die Halwe Huis.

SAFTA winner Ilse Klink plays Patricia, Abi’s mother and Karel’s ex-wife. Karel is played by SAFTA winner Kevin Smith, who also played her husband in the neo noir Skemerdans Cape Flats. A psychologist, Patricia is refreshingly supportive of Karel’s upcoming marriage to Nathan (Melt Sieberhagen).

New casting, new love at Troukoors

Fleur du Cap 2022 winner David Viviers (Tali’s Baby Diary, Kanarie) plays Justin, a game designer working with Luca on Stefan’s game.

Carla Smith (Tydelik Terminaal, Skyn), 2021 SAFTA winner, 2022 Silwerskerm Best Actress: Short Film and 2022 Kanna Award nominee, plays Lexi, Liam’s assistant chef, who he says needs urgent cooking lessons from Abi, while rising star Kylie Fisher (Recipes for Love and Murder) is Zamanti, an influencer whose marriage Jessica is launching.

Troukoors S1 is currently behind only Sex in Afrikaans and Devilsdorp in day one views for an Afrikaans title on Showmax.

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