The Day – Stonington housing study a waste of money

I’ve been a planner in Connecticut for nine years and a tenant in Stonington for two years. Since I moved here, the median price of single-family homes has increased by 22% ($80,000!), highlighting the need for affordable housing.

So I was shocked to read the recent article titled “Revised Stonington Affordable Housing Plan Removes Many of Its Recommendations” (April 28).

After the public hearing closed (so that no further public input could be made), the commission ordered planner Keith Brynes not only to change many of the recommendations, but to remove the entire data analysis. The plan no longer includes a community value statement, a history of affordable housing in the city, a housing needs assessment, a land use and zoning assessment, or even a definition of what affordable housing is – all of which are things that the Department of Housing has included in their affordable. Housing plan and process guide before issuing grants to municipalities to complete the planning process. (Source:

This is a gross waste of the $15,000 DOH grant that was used to hire Dr. Don Poland.

Carly Holzschuh


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