Organizers Hold First Soul Food Village Event Highlighting Black Businesses in Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa — Several people made their way to the Drake neighborhood for a taste of soul food at the Soul Food Village event on Saturday.

The event took place at Kitchen Spaces in the Drake neighborhood.

“It was really the brainchild of my dad, Ron Bradley, who really wanted to promote other businesses,” said owner and organizer Dwana Bradley.

“One thing about our family is that we think there’s no competition, [it’s] goal. So we achieve our goal by having Ruby B’s Kitchen and Catering, but we wanted to highlight the other black-owned food businesses.

Organizers hosted the event at Kitchen Spaces because it was health code friendly and the event was also located near Drake Relays.

“It’s good for all of us, and it brings me more business and more people come to eat some of my good food,” said Lady Jerk owner Arletta McCoy.

Soul Food Ruby B’s catering business opened in 2021. Like other businesses at the event, Ruby B’s does not operate from a permanent building, but they were happy to be part of the event. ‘event.

“This space shows us how to run a restaurant, and that’s what’s important. It’s not just the kitchen in a restaurant,” said Donna Wesley, kitchen manager at Ruby B.

Organizers hope to hold the event next year.

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