The 16 Best Modern Wedding Decors of 2022

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When planning a wedding, there are so many details to iron out (some are more fun than others…dare we even mention seating plans?). Decorating the venue in a particular style is a great way to create a beautiful space for guests to enjoy, but it can also help tell your story as a couple. A modern wedding theme can be minimalist in style, but can also feature fun, personal, and unique designs.

“Wedding decorations show the personality of the couple and create a memorable experience for guests,” says the event coordinator Ashley Padalecki. “Flowers are, of course, always a great way to add personality and flair to your event, but don’t miss out on other decorative elements,” she adds, noting that adding Modern wedding decor like colorful glassware, tapered candles, and pretty linens can “transform your space to match the vision you and your partner have.”

Read on for the best modern wedding decorations.

Kelly Schmidt Galeria seating chart hit


Add a creative boost to your wedding decor with this table plan by Minted artist Kelly Schmidt. Available in seven different color theme options, the pop art-inspired graphic design gives wedding day signage an elevated touch.

FUNTEREST golden flower vases


These small brass vases are perfect for small bud arrangements or floral moments throughout the wedding venue (think reception table, bar, bathrooms, cloakroom, etc.). Choose all from one shape, or mix and match with round or higher forms.

Floral Society Novelty Pillar Candles


Sculptural candles are having a big moment right now – there are so many fun molded and pillar options to choose from. While these elegant ones can be a bit pricey to put on every table, try adding a few as statement pieces in a few key areas like the dessert table or the couple’s table. They would look great on a modern pillar stand or inside tall glass votives for added drama.

Two Lit Avocados Last Name Wedding Neon Sign


Light up your reception with a bold neon wedding sign. It’s a great keepsake that lasts long after the big day is over – and if pre-ordered, you can also incorporate it into the decor of the engagement party and bridal shower.

For your party Personalized party napkins


Personalized wedding napkins are an affordable way to add personalization to your cocktail hour. Look for a sleek, simple design like this retro-inspired pattern – we love the modern typeface and graphic style that pops off the paper.

MTM Workshop Large Mid Century Modern Wooden Letter


If a neon sign isn’t your style, but you want to add a touch of your monogram to the celebration, this mid-century inspired design is a gorgeous choice. This is another great keepsake that can be used as a wall decoration after the wedding day.

Anding white ceramic vase


Make a statement at your reception with these sculptural ceramic vases. Featuring a matte finish and a range of shapes and sizes, they look beautiful on cocktail tables or displayed on large tables with smaller mixed glass vases.

Extra long borrowed blue crinkle cotton table runner


Modern weddings are all about mixing textures for an ultra-romantic setting. One way to do this is to use your table runners – and we can’t stop swooning over this crinkle cotton table runner from Borrowed Blu. Available in a stunning stone, pale blue and rustic pinot color, this table runner is the perfect addition to any modern wedding table decor.

Hawkins New York Aurora Sphere Vase


Whether you go all out with flowers or decorate with greenery, vases are a must. We love this spherical ship from Hawkins New York, featuring a classic globe design with a variety of soft colors to choose from. For an even more modern appeal, mix and match shapes by adding other sculptural pieces from the brand’s other earthy collections.

Goldfinch Wedding Program Lindsay Stetson Thompson hit


Your wedding program is also part of your decor. This style from Minted artist Lindsay Stetson Thompson is a great choice for the modern bride who loves a touch of retro-modern charm. Choose from eight rich background colors or customize to match your wedding palette.

Black Sea Eyes Terra-Cotta Pampas Grass


Pampas grass and other dried plants are an ongoing trend in wedding decor, both for modern and rustic settings. We love this terracotta-colored pampas grass as an alternative to the more ubiquitous snowy white version.

Hazel Gray Co. Custom Watercolor Wedding Beverage Sign


In addition to adding meaning and sentimentality, personalized touches make the wedding decor stand out. And, while there are plenty of bar sign options, we love this custom watercolor wedding drink sign. It’s a great option for couples offering a signature cocktail at their reception, and it’s a sweet keepsake to hang above your home bar after the nuptials.

King Zi Yu’s Love Sign Vases


Another sculptural wedding centerpiece or accent idea, these whimsical ceramic vases add a fun and creative touch to any surface. Perfect for a dessert table, bar or gifting area, this contemporary set is a great way to increase love.

Sweet Gum Botanicals Ombre Flower Garland


Think bouquets and arrangements are the only way to introduce the dried flower trend? Think again. This Ombre Floral Wreath is a creative way to add pops of color to a white space without overdoing it. Hung in single strands or in groups, it makes a great photo backdrop, bar decor, or dessert table decor.

Ethereal Wedding Gift Puzzle Guest Book


Guest books are another fun way to create a personalized decorative moment during your wedding. To mix things up, look for unique and specialized options that go beyond the traditional book format. Perfect for the puzzle-loving couple, this wooden version offers the option of adding a personalized box and a sign to remind guests to complete a puzzle piece before leaving.

What to look for when buying modern wedding decorations

Consider the place

The first and most important thing to consider when shopping for wedding decor is your venue and whether or not you start with a blank slate, says Padalecki. Check out what’s available on the site before you start shopping “Some venues have massive chandeliers, so you don’t have to pay for hanging string lights or add tons of uplighting, while other venues offer an empty ballroom that’s perfect for transforming into any way,” she adds.

The cost

Your decoration budget is another important element to take into account. “Decor elements don’t have to break the bank,” says Padalecki. “You can get golden taper candlesticks on Amazon instead of renting them from a company, and then you can reuse them,” she suggests. “By choosing design elements that match your taste, you can reuse certain pieces in your home or for future events.”


  • According to Padalecki, 2022 is synonymous with unique wedding decorations. “Hanging flowers, candle vignettes, textured linens, custom lighting and interesting chairs can be used to spruce up your space,” she explains, adding that stationery is a fun way to spruce up the decor of your home. marriage.

    “By using stationery such as place cards, menus, and personalized signs, you can tie your suite of event invitations together and add personalized touches,” she says.

  • “Your wedding style should reflect who you are as a couple,” says Padalecki. “An easy way to decide on style is to make a list of your favorite places to shop (or window-shop) for clothes and home furnishings,” she adds.

    For example, Padalecki says that if you love a modern design store like West Elm, “go for an earthy mid-century modern design aesthetic that meets glamor with wooden tables, greenery, metal accents and many luxurious textures”.

  • “Wedding decorations can definitely add up, but they’re not financially stressful,” says Padalecki, adding that the most important thing to do first and foremost is to decide on an overall budget. Once you have that number, Padalecki recommends picking “2-3 things” that are most important to you, whether it’s dining and food, entertainment, or decor.

    “If the wedding decor is the most important thing to you, you might want to hire an event coordinator with design experience to help you find decorations and put them up on your wedding day” , explains Padalecki. How much you spend on your wedding decorations is entirely up to you – there may be ways to decorate on a tight budget. Padalecki recommends checking out bridal resale stores, DIY decor, and online stores for ways to save.

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