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Chalk your billiard cue!

This weekend marks the 14th annual Wyoming Open and pool players from Wyoming and surrounding states will converge on the community of Platte Valley. Beginning on April 7, this four-day event will seek to find out who is the best pool player in the Classic, Sportsman, Master and Expert divisions.

According to event organizer Mark Osborne, the event already has 150 registrants. In addition, the famous player Rodney “The Rocket” Morris will be present to compete.

Starting at 3 p.m. Thursday, a total of 88 players will compete in a double blind draw/re-draw the tape tournament using Saratoga rules in a three-way race.

The game “Saratoga” is a hybrid of 8-Ball and 9-Ball with a rotation of solids/stripes. You have solids or stripes, but you must shoot them in order of rotation from lowest number to highest number.

The game is played with 6 solids (1-6), 6 stripes (1-6) and the winning black ball.

• Run the solids or stripes IN ORDER, then pocket the black ball to win

• You must first hit the lowest ball of your type (the lowest of either if the table is open) • Legal shots are as we are used to in “ball” leagues. in hand”

• This is a handheld game called

• Only cue ball fouls

• Rack: either a yellow ball (1) in front/a black ball in the middle

• Opposed balls (one tape/one solid) outside 4th row

• Must head the ball first during the break

• No matter what is done on the station wagon, it’s open table. There is a push option.

• The black ball is not neutral on an open table • There is no “kitchen” after a foul on the break, it’s ball in hand anywhere • The black ball on the break is a spot or a re-rack

• Third consecutive fouls are NOT a loss • Legal slant shots are a loss of turn, however, the opponent has the option to return the shot.

• When the table is open – OK to combine one of the lower balls with the other type of balls, then you have established the pocketed ball as your type for the game.

• Legal shot but the only thing pocketed is the opponent’s ball, loss of turn, not the ball in hand.

• A standard set of billiard balls can be used, just play without the 7 and 15.

Friday at 8 a.m., the tournament will begin for the classic and athletic divisions. These divisions will not be playing Saratoga, but traditional 8-Ball. The Classic Division is a $50 entry fee with a 64-player limit in a four-man race. The sports division, meanwhile, is a $30 entry fee for 48 players in a three-way race. These divisions will be double elimination, no re-draw.

At noon on Friday, the masters and experts division will begin. These divisions will play in Saratoga. The Masters Division is an entry fee of $100 with a limit of 24 players in a six-man race while the Expert Division is an entry fee of $80 with a limit of 24 players in a five-man race. They will also be double-eliminated with no re-draws. The main game signal is the only signal allowed after the first move of an innings and the winner breaks a maximum of three consecutive games.

After Friday and Saturday’s main event, Sunday will see a single-elimination Saratoga tournament with a $30 entry fee.

For more information contact Mark Osborne at 307-710-1447 or email [email protected]

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