Wedding season set to be big after two years of reduced celebrations

Howell and many other wedding planners have been busy meeting with many couples to plan their big day.
More than two and a half million weddings are expected to take place this year, according to a planning site aptly called “The Knot.”

“If you just got engaged this year and you’re still trying to get married this year, chances are you won’t get the DJ you want or the band you want or the photographer because those people are all booked and some of us are booked for at least the whole year,” Howell said, adding that people are ready to party and celebrate. But if you find yourself behind the 8 ball in the planning of your wedding, start by adjusting the number of guests.

Consider “…where are we going to calculate the numbers? How do we save money? And if money is no object, that’s where are we going to put all this stuff, where are all these people going sit down? Where’s the cookie table going?” Howel said.

Something else you can’t expect – personalized stationery.
Not only are calligraphers well booked, but these supply chain issues make it a double whammy.
But what you should do next depends on how far along the planning is.

“If you’re in that initial phase that we call development and research, you still need all of your suppliers at that stage,” Howell says. “We are closing our books this year from May 1…and I have people booking in 2023 and 2024.”

Which means you might have to wait a little longer to be sure that the biggest day of your life turns out exactly as you imagined.

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