Help with house tidying up

Emptying a house is an overwhelming task, especially when sentimentality is involved. “It’s good to call a third party to handle this,” Kelli said.

Helmers, who is the local owner and operator of Blue Moon Estate Sales Lexington, with her sister-in-law Anne Helmers. “If it’s a family trying to go through all these items, all you get out of a box is a trip down memory lane.”

There was a time when seeing a real estate sale notice usually meant that someone had passed away. These days, there are many reasons to move from a house to an estate sale. It’s also not uncommon for people to want a fresh start with a new or remodeled home, how good it is with the old and with the new. Furniture, antiques, vehicles and all kinds of goods can be sold through a real estate sales company.

With a staff of eight, Blue Moon Estate Sales Lexington does real estate sales for clients in Fayette County and central Kentucky, most of whom are retiring, downsizing or relocating, according to Anne Helmers. “We strive to make our sales organized, clean and fun,” she said. “And we love seeing so many repeat customers at our sales.”

Helmers define an estate as the possessions or property, excluding real estate, owned by a client. “We’re ready to appraise, price, advertise and sell everything from furniture, apparel and vehicles to jewelry, special collections, art and more,” said Anne Helmers. “We combine our passions for research, history and treasure hunting with an experience-based understanding of how to help families during times of transition.”

Anne Helmers and Kelli Helmers opened their franchise business in 2018, five years after Blue Moon Estate began nationwide sales in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Our national support helps us deliver policies and procedures that ensure we operate to very high standards of customer service,” said Anne Helmers. “There weren’t many home-based real estate businesses when we started Blue Moon, and our services seem to have filled a void both for clients who need our services and for clients who love shopping our sales.”

Real estate agents are good referral sources for Blue Moon, and Blue Moon’s weekend estate sales can also work as an open house for real estate agents, Anne Helmers said. Blue Moon can stage items in a house being sold to make it look like a pop-up retail space, or they can conduct an estate sale before the house goes on the market to help clean it up. . Blue Moon Estate Sales Lexington is also an affiliate member of the Lexington-Bluegrass Association of Realtors.

Sometimes Helmers are the only point of contact for out-of-state family members emptying a relative’s home. “We are a great referral service for anything a family in transition might need,” said Anne Helmers. “Families in need of an estate sale usually face major life changes, and the process can be overwhelming and complicated.” Helmers offer compassion, attention to detail, creativity and speed with their services.

Originally from Toronto, Anne Helmers holds a master’s degree in early childhood education. Before becoming a business owner, she sold vintage items in antique malls. Kelli Helmers is from Murray, Kentucky. She earned a law degree from the University of Kentucky and has a background in art history and event planning. They are both only children who married two of the three Helmers brothers.

Starting a business was not daunting for the two, as entrepreneurship is common in their families. Kelli’s mother has owned a restaurant in western Kentucky for a few decades. “Both of our husbands are local businessmen with various pursuits,” said Anne Helmers. Her husband, David Helmers, is an entrepreneur, artist manager and event producer. Kelli’s spouse, Lee Helmers, is a stockbroker and certified financial planner. Family members have been a source of business advice and support for Blue Moon owners.

“We got off to a flying start when we started. We were busy right off the bat,” Kelli Helmers said. “Anne and I were very involved in operations seven days a week for the first two years; we tried to delegate some of that to a very good management team that we currently have in place. We have time to focus more on marketing and growing the business.

The sisters-in-law were looking for a business venture they could do together. “People kept asking for this service,” Anne said. “We wanted something that embodies our values ​​and we wanted to bring professionalism to this area. I feel comfortable that we are doing it right now.

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