Westport Library to host 3-day music festival before launching own record label

Westport Library is hosting its own music festival next weekend as it prepares to launch its own record label.

The new theater-level sound system at Westport Library has been installed just in time for VersoFest next weekend.

Executive Director Bill Harmer said the three musical evenings will offer something for everyone.

“Each of the three gigs will range from hard rock to afropop to southern blues,” Harmer said.

VersoFest serves as something of a release party for Westport Library’s other unprecedented new venture.

“It will be the first library to release indie music on its own label. And I think there’s really something special there,” studio head Travis Bell said.

Bell says Verso Studios is hosting a listening party at Saturday’s event for the upcoming 12-track compilation they’re producing with local bands.

“We do a complete live recording, mix it down on an analog console, and press it to vinyl,” he said.

The same professional tools are available to anyone with a library card.

Harmer says creating a state-of-the-art media creation center is a natural extension of the same role the library has always played.

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