Amstel Ultra sponsors local sporting events

Amstel Ultra sponsors a variety of local sporting events, ranging from “running races to golf tournaments with an official launch party featuring a variety of beach sports planned for May”.

A spokesperson said: “Amstel Ultra highlights the importance of a balanced lifestyle for sport and leisure with a new campaign launched this month. The 85-calorie ultra-light beer brand is hosting a series of events to encourage fun in the activity.

“There will be at least one event experience each month and contests range from foot races to golf tournaments with an official launch party featuring a variety of beach sports in May.

“The events kicked off on March 22 with the premier taking over the courts at MTM Bermuda for a five-day tennis tournament featuring the island’s top competitors. This will see the island’s top players compete in all divisions and will lead to entertaining battles.

“The last two days of the tournament [Friday & Saturday – 25th & 26th] there will be a fan zone setup for spectators to enjoy matches in the lounge with a DJ, food and drink, door prizes, games and more. The event is also proudly sponsored by Lucozade who helped energize the athletes throughout the tournament.

A spokesperson for Burrow’s & Lightbourn Ltd, who are the local distributor on the island, said: “We are really delighted with the new events we have developed and expect to see fantastic competition throughout the year.

Schedule of Amstel Ultra events:

  • Fast 4 Invitational – MTM Bermuda – March 22-26
  • Amstel Open – Belmont Hills Golf Course – April 30
  • Amstel Ultra Launch Party – Horseshoe Bay – May 21
    • beach soccer
    • beach rugby
    • Beach volleyball
    • beach tennis
  • Ultra 5K – Admiralty House – Fall Season

Amstel Ultra Bermuda March 25, 2022 (3)

An event organizer said: “When conceptualizing the events, we reached out to the respective organizations but felt it was more necessary to receive feedback from the athletes on what they would like to see done in Bermuda. . There’s been a lot of interest in the events scheduled between now and May, so we’re looking forward to delivering a high-quality series, as we know people are big fans of beer already.

If you would like more information regarding this series of events, you can contact the organizers by email at

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