A little question of experiencing joy

March 20, 2022 | 05:36 IST

A little question of experiencing joy

On Happiness Day today, we asked the Goans what makes them happy. In these turbulent times, we have seen people feel happier being with their families and pursuing what they have desired.

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Happiness in today’s age should be kept simple and revolve around the fact that you are alive, fed, have a roof over your head, social security, family and friends, and the opportunity to pursuing meaningful goals or objectives on a daily basis- Ryan Rodrigues, Entrepreneur, MargaoI’m glad to know that there is a day dedicated to happiness. In times like these, a little reminder goes a long way because in 2020, 40% of Indians suffered from depression and some kind of anxiety. What makes me happy is a simple house party or spending time with my friends or family with good music and conversation, a simple run on the beach with my husky puppies or definitely when my marketing ideas help a brand perform well. It all depends on my mood and the situation. – Swapnaa Puujari, Marketing Professional, Dona PaulaBeing with nature is like experiencing a miracle and it makes me happy. Not only do plants purify the air we breathe, they also help us connect with nature and have been proven to reduce stress and contribute to our overall well-being. Gardening for me is a passion that has only grown over time and now it not only makes me happy and helps me spread happiness through my entrepreneurial venture. For me, real happiness is exploring areas that spark interest, developing skills in a specific area, and using those skills to contribute something beyond yourself. Providing a collection of rainbow-colored planters, plants that provide a healing experience, all contribute to the happiness we seek day in and day out. Come plant seeds of happiness and it will come back to you in abundance. – Nisha Pereira, Mapusa Covid has awakened in me the importance of every moment of my life. Happiness for me now is to participate wholeheartedly in every activity I do. It’s about identifying my priorities, taking time for myself and enjoying life’s little pleasures. – Pallavi Arondekar, Business Manager, St Inez Panaji For me, happiness is always listening to my heart and doing the things I love the most. I love being with my family because everything around them is so light and stress free, to follow my heart with every little step. At this stage, I feel happy because I am able to put all my efforts to achieve the things I have always wanted.- Shreya Patil, Mapusa, Business Executive, Mapusa What makes me happy is d to be around people that I love and care about, with whom I share good vibes. Pursuing my passions like teaching, singing, modeling and acting also makes me very happy. Good food is a shortcut to my happiness and I’m sure the same applies to many people. So on World Happiness Day, I highly recommend people go get their favorite food to get a happiness boost. In addition, good sleep ensures a good mood. I believe that happy thoughts will turn into happy words and happy actions. – Joanne da Cunha, model, actress and singer, Porvorim My motto “unconditional service with a smile” makes me happy and gives me great satisfaction to see the smiles on people’s faces whenever I serve them in every way possible . – Xavier B. Fernandes, President of the Candolim Lions Club / Master of Ceremonies / Event Planner Happiness is capricious. You can have it all and then lose it just as easily. All you need are good people in your life who you can share what’s going on in your life with. When you share your happiness it is doubled and when you share your sorrows it is halved.- Megan Amanda, Student, Anjuna

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