Ashyan’s Lu Ruo Fan Brings Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice To SF

Until now, Yan only had the capacity to process about 30 or 35 orders at a time, so she didn’t have to do much marketing. His mailing list, mostly garnered from his early posts on Next Door and his neighborhood “Buy Nothing” page on Facebook, was strong enough to see him sell out just hours after he opened his pre-order form in line every time.

Now Yan, who worked in the Bay Area restaurant industry for 14 years, mostly as a server and event planner, is thinking about how best to take Ashyan’s to the next level. For the next few months, at least, she will continue to operate on a small scale, selling her lu rou ventilator about three days a month – two days for delivery in the Richmond, Lone Mountain and Laurel Heights neighborhoods, and one day for pickup. to his kitchen in the Richmond.

But Yan is also looking to expand her reach. She is exploring the possibility of working in kitchens in Oakland and Redwood City, and she is also accepting requests for catering orders from customers on the Peninsula and beyond. If all goes well, she would eventually like to turn Ashyan’s Lu Ruo Fan into a food truck or a small traditional restaurant.

The next dates for the sale of fans read rou for Ashyan’s Lu Ruo Fan will take place on March 30 and 31 (for delivery) and April 1 (for pickup). Customers can order through the online order form. For the latest updates, sign up for the company’ broadcast list.

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