Children’s Business Fair This Saturday in North Webster –

NORTH WEBSTER – The North Webster Community Center will host the largest children’s trade fair ever in the county. This year’s Kid’s Business Fair exceeded its attendance by twice the booth average with more than 70 small youth businesses represented in a three-county radius. It will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 19.

Every young entrepreneur is responsible for creating their own business name, plan and product.

“They have everything from Lily’s hands-on creations to cookies and tips with Nora and Bryce,” said NWCC event organizer Mike Kissinger. “This year has blown us away with sponsorships and entries.”

Community businesses have provided massive support for the center by providing sponsorships for t-shirts, marketing and prizes. The North Webster-Tippecanoe Chamber of Commerce even presents special memberships to each young member.

“What we really need now are buyers,” Kissinger announced. “The young business owners worked for months to prepare the products for this day. The NWCC is preparing to have a building full of supporters this Saturday. »

“We start Friday afternoon cleaning the gymnasium and now the hallways to set up booth spaces,” said NWCC general manager Emily Worrell. “We never dreamed that we would run out of gym space, luckily we have the building space to support them all.”

The North Webster Community Center is home to the North Webster branch of the Parkview Warsaw YMCA, the Senior Primelife Enrichment Center, the Watershed Foundation, Tippecanoe-Chapman Sewer District, and NWCC Massage, as well as a host of youth and adult programs.

For more information, call (574) 834-1600 or visit or its Facebook page.

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