Local group holds meditation circle to raise money for Ukrainian refugees

On Sunday, a group of women from the valley held a meditation circle at Desert Yoga Shala to honor and raise funds for Ukrainian refugees.

“Really just to get people here to have a place to hang out and you know, have a common goal,” said event organizer Angelina Padron.

People gathered in a circle to meditate and pray for those who experience violence on a daily basis.

“We believe this war is based on fear, so we’re just trying to match it right now with love,” Padron added.

Moon cards and peace offerings participated in Sunday’s ceremony. “We catch roses and people want to keep them at home or release them on land – that’s our peace signal.”

One by one, participants shared stories and thoughts. “If you’re not connected to this country, you don’t have friends or family or whoever, you may think it’s another war, gas prices have gone up. But for us, it’s people’s lives,” said one of the event’s organizers, Oksana DerDerian.

Everyone who participated comes from different walks of life and walks of life.

“There’s a girl from Ukraine, there’s a girl from Russia, there’s a girl from Belarus, there’s a girl from America,” DerDerian added, “and it just shows that people care.”

One of the participants, Anna Horton, who was born and raised in Ukraine, described her thoughts when the Russian invasion began. “It was a shock. It’s because nobody expected it. It was absolutely shocking.

She said Sunday’s ceremony made her feel connected to her home country.

“Your family is there, you are here and there is nothing you can do to help, support, protect. All you can do is pray. This is why we are here today, to pray for the world, for Ukraine and for the people.

The event was aimed at raising funds to help provide resources to people in Ukraine. Event organizers said they plan to make the meditation circle a weekly event.

A GoFundMe has been set upif you want to help.

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