Students voice concern as crimes near campus continue – The Famuan

Florida A&M University campus. Photo courtesy: Sandler Fleurima

Violent crime near campus is not a problem that Florida A&M University can directly control or solve. But students are beginning to worry about their safety when attending events near campus.

Bianca Bryce, a third-year architecture student, said running the university is complex and the last thing students should have to worry about is their safety on campus.

“College is hard enough,” she said. “The last thing we should worry about is our safety.”

FAMU’s campus is wide open, making it easy for anyone to access the university, she added.

“I feel like the FAMU campus is too open to the public,” she says. “It’s easy for anyone to gain access to the campus, even where the students live.”

With this issue in the air, one wonders if the FAMU Police Department will implement new safety protocols to help keep students safe during and after school hours.

FAMU Police Chief Calloway did not respond to an email.

The FAMU area and other parts of Tallahassee have seen an increase in violent crime since the new year. This is a persistent problem that doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Many different types of crimes have occurred in Tallahassee over the past month. Some of the crimes include a murder suspect on the run, armed robbery, accidental shooting that led to manslaughter, weapons and drug dealing, aggravated assault and a shooting, according to WCTV Recordingsa local news source for Tallahassee.

According to the Tallahassee News Report, with a crime rate of 39 per thousand residents, Tallahassee has one of the highest crime rates in Florida by capital city, according to the Tallahassee News Report.

Event planner Christian Aristilde said that despite the increase in violent crime near campus, there is little there is much that promotional teams can do to keep everyone safe.

“My promotion team, Winners Circle, along with others like DreamTeam, C’est La Vie and New Era Hot Boyz, are committed to providing a safe environment to party,” he said. “We strongly advise everyone to go home after the club instead of hanging out in the parking lot. We can’t control someone else’s irresponsible behavior, but we can help each other stay safe.

As a student studying criminal justice at FAMU, Aristilde worries about her safety due to frequent after-party violence and her professional title.

“It’s gotten so bad, to the point where the mentality is ‘tread on or get trodden on,'” Aristilde said. “I came to Tallahassee to get a degree and enjoy my youth, but I can’t even enjoy it without something happening.”

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