Bondi party girl Danielle Hogan in court for her role in a cocaine union

A Bondi party girl accused of delivering bags of cocaine across Sydney as part of an elaborate dealer union has spoken in court.

Bondi’s Danielle Hogan spoke in court about her involvement in a cocaine ring, saying she felt threatened.

Ms Hogan, 26, has been charged with her involvement in the ring, carrying bags of drugs to customers across Sydney.

Dressed in black and white checkered pants and a black blazer, Ms Hogan walked to the Sydney Downing Center booth on Friday.

She expressed remorse for her actions.

“I feel disgusted,” she said.

“There is no excuse: As soon as I started my attack, I immediately knew it was wrong. “

Ms Hogan acted as a runner in a sophisticated cocaine syndicate that operated across Sydney.

She was charged with supplying commercial drugs after being arrested at her Bondi home during a series of raids in November 2019.

Ms Hogan said she noticed something was wrong days after starting her shifts and was afraid of the union’s drug lords, the court was told.

“I intended to go out,” she told the court.

Ms Hogan said she told union members that she “was getting nervous, anxious and really hoping to leave”.

She claimed she made several attempts to quit the union after realizing it was much larger and more sophisticated than she initially thought, including texting with an apology as to why she couldn’t make his change.

But the crown pointed out in response that Ms Hogan had tried to find jobs for her friends in the union, including a mother.

Ms Hogan told the court that her friend was “persistent” in asking her, but admitted that her request to find her a job was “selfish”.

The court heard that there were “thousands” of texts between her and the bosses, including one, several weeks after starting work, asking, “Do you need someone on Sunday or Monday?”

They answered yes to the first one.

“Honey, I’ll do Sunday,” she wrote.

The defense argues that the mainstays of the operation threatened Ms Hogan when she voiced her concerns.

Her lawyer, Jehane Ghabrial, referred on Friday to a series of text messages in court where Ms Hogan appeared to be threatened by union bosses.

“Tell her to leave the salary, hey, she owes the fines,” one reads, referring to the money she owed them.

Another read: “I’m going to slap her the next time I see her.”

Ms. Hogan confessed to their duty between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000.

NSW District Court Judge Mark Williams SC said in the weeks leading up to her arrest Ms Hogan had revealed her “terrible involvement” in the union to her family.

“I was in a state of desperation. I knew I had to make money to get by, ”Hogan told the court.

She was living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and was working as an event planner when she was arrested.

Ms Hogan spent nearly two weeks inside Silverwater Jail before being released on bail.

She was initially charged with several offenses, including participation in a criminal group, but all charges except one were subsequently dropped in court.

Ms Hogan has pleaded guilty to commercial drug supply and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

The case will return to court on December 13.

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