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By Ronnie Michele

WWe boarded our 5:55 am flight wearing boots and raincoats and carried umbrellas in our backpacks. We knew the Orlando forecast, so our party of eight (daughters Lauren and Monique, son-in-law Frank and granddaughters Adeline, Olivia, Charlie and Caroline) adapted. We prepared for where we were going.

And did it rain! But it didn’t matter. We put our suitcases in the one room that was ready and headed to the Magic Kingdom. The rain thinned the crowds and allowed quick access to the rides. We made the most of a situation we couldn’t control.

Monique is our strategic planner. Lauren and I were waiting for our call each morning for the agenda for the day. She often asked our preferences, and we always told her to decide. We recognize her leadership and let her shine with this gift.

Lauren has found the perfect Buzz Lightyear shirt to explore Toy Story Land dressed as her favorite character. Frank’s love for Disney fireworks resulted in him providing an incredible dessert buffet and prime viewing area for our final night. It is wonderful when parents can enjoy life as much as the children.

Adeline and Olivia started a collection of Disney pins. I bought a 50th anniversary pin for each of them and advised them to keep it always.

“In 50 years, you will all be able to attend the 100th anniversary celebration and purchase a 100th anniversary pin. “

“Lolli, you have to come with us,” Adeline told me.

“Uhhh…” I started, unsure of my next words.

“She will be dead”, finished Monique.

“Well … okay …” Adeline said as we walked. She took a few steps, then turned to me and said, “Lolli, can you just try to make it happen.”

“I’ll try,” I say.

And if I’m still alive in 2071, my 112-year-old body will go to Disneyworld with Adeline and Olivia.

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