Fayemi under fire for closing schools to host NAFEST in Ekiti

The Ekiti State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) criticized Governor Kayode Fayemi for shutting down state schools for the organization of the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFEST).

The opposition party that mocked the government led by the All Progressives Congress (APC) called the development ridiculous and inexplicable.

The Ekiti PDP State Working Committee (SWC) took this position after an emergency meeting held Friday at the State Party Secretariat in Ado Ekiti, to deliberate on various developments in the state. The meeting which was chaired by the Acting Chairman of the PDP, Hon. Lanre Omolase, unequivocally declared the ruling APC government as an enemy of education.

Opposition Party Secretary of State for Publicity Raphael Adeyanju in a statement made available to reporters said it was appalling that Ekiti’s children had been forced to stay at home since the last week simply because the state is hosting NAFEST.

“While we are not against celebrating our culture and traditions, it is inexplicable that a government that claims to restore our values ​​to Ekiti could close schools for two weeks simply because the state is organizing NAFEST,” he said. declared the party.

He lamented that education, which is the pride of Ekiti and her people, was sacrificed for a mere arts and culture festival by the APC government, allegedly because Governor Fayemi and his party did not grant no value to education.

The statement read; “So far, we are still unable to understand why a government will close primary and secondary schools, including private schools for two weeks, simply because the Arts and Culture Festival is being held in the capital. of State.

“Here at Ekiti, the students were simply told to stay home until further notice without an explanation from anyone.

“We are wondering about the benefits of NAFEST in which the only activities visible on the site are the exhibition of goods, including used clothes and shoes, in Ekiti State, so that the future of thousands of our children will be compromised.

“More importantly, even though NAFEST has become a priority for Governor Fayemi and his APC government, what is the reason for the closure of schools in other cities where the event is not taking place? Or is NAFEST present in all towns and villages in Ekiti State?

“In all of this what we have seen is a clearly misplaced priority on the side of a party and government that does not care about the future of the Ekiti children and by the power of God just like all afflictions of the Israelites, this phase will also pass next year.

But in response, APC Secretary of State for Publicity Segun Dipe said the weeklong vacation was declared to prevent students from sneaking out of schools, being drawn to the festival, observe their mid-term and prevent students from cohabiting with foreigners, who currently occupy some hostels belonging to public schools.

Dipe, who described the vituperation as unreasonable and belated, said no governor could have loved education like Fayemi, who declared education free in primary and secondary schools and repealed the levy allegedly imposed on students by the previous administration of the PDP.

Speaking to reporters by phone on Saturday, the APC spokesperson insisted that Fayemi had not committed any crime for declaring vacation for students.

“Let me remind the PDP that the party was declared to prevent students from sneaking out of schools to go watch the cultural party. But if they were in the care of their parents, nothing like that would happen. Again, this is also a time for them to observe their midterm vacation, having arrived in the middle of the first trimester.

“How can they expect visitors to live with students in hostels? Because the contingents use the hostels. There was no governor favorable to education like Governor Fayemi. He is the one who took the students out of the tax net. These show that the governor is a caring leader.

“We all know the economic value of NAFEST. It amazes me that the PDP can speak now after the vacation has expired. For Fayemi’s sake for education, school enrollment has increased, teachers’ salaries are paid regularly, they can easily access loans, and they receive incentives such as trainings and workshops to hone their skills. performance.

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