A “mysterious” fabric fell from the sky in Ondo? The truth is finally emerging ▷ Nigeria news

  • A video recently went viral on social media showing fabric falling from the sky in the town of Ondo, Ondo state
  • Many residents were seen in the video fighting over the fabric as they struggled to get pieces of it, believing the ‘mysterious’ fabric can give them a spiritual blessing.
  • However, a fact-check report showed that the fabric was actually owned by a decorator and event planner who dried it in the sun before it was blown away.

Ondo, Ondo state – Some residents of Ondo State were recently seen in a viral video arguing over a dress that allegedly fell from the sky.

In the video shared on Instagram by Nigerian artist and social media influencer Tunde Ednut, the dress could be seen falling from the sky and making its way through the residents.

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The truth about the “mysterious” fabric that fell from the sky in Ondo finally emerges
The inhabitants of Ondo are fighting for a white dress fallen from the sky. Photo credit: @mufasatundeednut
Source: Instagram

The residents made sure that each of them received a piece of the robe, which they believed might be heavenly.

However, a fact-checking and verification platform, Dubawa, has discovered the source of the so-called mysterious fabric.

Dubawa’s findings indicate that the incident occurred in the town of Ondo, a large community in Ondo state, on Wednesday, October 27. The cloth allegedly landed in front of Alhaji Yesufu’s residence in the Sabo neighborhood in Ondo town.

Witnesses speak

Fatima Yesufu, one of those present at the scene of the incident said:

“I heard strange voices, I went out and saw a lot of people struggling with a big cloth.

“A lot of them even jumped into the compound through the fence. Efforts to drive them out were unsuccessful. The stampede was such that I had to stay away so that they didn’t step on me. “

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Babangida Usman who stayed in front of the house also shared a similar experience.

He added that the scoopers had barely finished mutilating the fabric when a woman from the neighborhood stormed the place and told them that she was a decorator and that the fabric was one of those she had dried in the sun the day before.

The owner of the fabric speaks

The acclaimed owner of the strange fabric has been identified as Agnes Fadoju, decorator and event planner.

She said the 120-meter fabric she bought for around 50,000 naira in Lagos for her decorating business was gone, but was happy the incident put her in the limelight.

Fadoju showed Dubawa other similar items of clothing that she also sun-dried just as she recalled the event that led to the “strange” incident.

His words :

“I washed said fabric with others on Tuesday night with my kids. On Wednesday morning I checked all the clothes where we hung them and didn’t notice anything unusual.

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“It was much later in the afternoon that I started getting a lot of phone calls asking if I had hung my decorative clothes outside, to which I replied with ‘affirmative. This worried me, which prompted me to call my husband who then broke the news to me. A wind had blown one of the clothes down the next street in a way that seemed mysterious and everything had now been mutilated.

She explained that she immediately rushed to the scene and even on the road, saw all kinds of people tie a piece of white cloth around their bodies and recount their experience with a “miraculous” cloth in the area of. Sabo.

Fadoju said that all efforts to make them understand that this was the commercial fabric of his event and that the inscription “Hossana” was the name of his company were unsuccessful.

She added:

“We later met Seriki from Sabo who told me that if I had seen the ‘mysterious’ way the fabric came down, I would have believed their claim.”

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Experts react

Speaking on development, Ahmed Balogun, professor of applied meteorology in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Sciences at Akure Federal University of Technology, said:

“It is very possible to blow the fabric from where it was suspended in the sky by the wind.

“The wind is like a fluid of two types. Liquid and gas but with different densities. Normally we don’t see the gas, but it’s still there and it’s part of the gas that forms the clouds we see. “

He added that the movement of the fabric towards the sky could be compared to the flight of a kite whose rise and height depend on the prevailing wind.

The report concludes that although it was the street where the fabric fell from the sky in Ondo town, it is not mysterious as claimed and belonged to a decorator who had dried it in the sun.

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