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On November 10, Nebraska politicians will vote on the move towards carbon neutrality and the importance of clean energy to Nebraska, which the Wayne State Green Team has encouraged by writing letters of support.

Laura Dendinger, the faculty’s godmother, said this was an all-campus group accessible to everyone.

“We are committed to environmental issues and sustainability, we have social activities as well as activities related to plants,” said Dendinger. “We also cover and discuss different issues in the news. ”

The actual event that took place last Thursday was hosted by Lauren White, a junior, who has been the event planner for the Green Team for the past three years.

“A letter writing event encouraged everyone to talk about why clean energy is important to Nebraska,” Dendinger said. “Everyone has a different experience with this, there was a wide age range of people who showed up across the community.”

These letters will be mailed to the NPPD, or Nebraska Public Power District. The purpose of the letters is for politicians to take them into account and have an impact because it is the job of representing the will of the people, according to White.

White said this upcoming vote is important because there should be many benefits to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Indeed, wind and solar are becoming cheaper and a safer option than coal. .

The Green Team is active on campus, as are the Twitter and Facebook pages updated frequently by Dendinger. According to Dendinger, these social media pages help promote sustainability, which has worked well and is nice to see.

“In the future, we hope to have a tree planting during Earth Week which is a big week for us, we are also helping to clean up the campus grounds,” Dendinger said.

The green team hopes to develop composting opportunities and have a pilot project for the beehives.

White said that the main goal of the Green Team is sustainability and making the campus efficient as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

“We hope to set up a greenhouse and more green space around the campus,” White said. “In addition, we want to create a community garden. ”

White said an upcoming event the Green Team is working on is a social event where people can get a free plant. It is not yet certain, it is only a hope.

“We welcome the participation and are very interested in people’s ideas for working together on how to reduce waste,” said Dendinger. “We are working with the Town of Wayne to find inspiration on how to get around for zero waste. ”

If anyone wants to attend club meetings, it’s Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. in the international students room in the downstairs cafeteria.

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