How Zach Davis surprised Cheyenne Floyd with a proposal


The last episode of Teen Mom OG presented one of his sweetest moments to date. The episode featured the sprinkled baby of Cheyenne Floyd, who saw her family celebrate the then imminent arrival of their second child (she gave birth to her son Ace in May). But, the highlight of the event was the surprise proposal put together by Floyd’s longtime sweetheart, Zach Davis.

At the top of the episode, Floyd and Davis spoke to an event planner who was handling their sprinkled baby, another term for a baby shower. While the Challenge alum said she was a little anxious about letting someone else plan the special occasion, Davis assured her the event would go off without a hitch. Davis later received the stunning bespoke diamond ring he bought for Floyd, explaining to a producer that he was going to propose to their child’s baby shower.

He then discussed his upcoming proposal with one of Floyd’s friends, Remy, who helped him come up with a plan. She suggested that they pretend to blindfold both Floyd and Davis during the occasion, while only blindfolding Floyd, so she could be surprised. They then guided Floyd to a special setup, complete with rose petals and a “It was always you” sign, to a pending Davis so he could propose.

The situation turned out exactly as they had planned, and Floyd was indeed surprised that Davis was giving them such a great time. Davis told his partner, “12 years later and I’ve had you where I want you. The best part is, this is where I know you want to be too.” He continued, “Making the decision to bring this world to life right here was the best decision we could make. And I know you’re going to be a great mother to Ace and I’m going to be the best dad I can be, I promise you. ” Davis ended his proposal by saying that “we owe it to ourselves to get married and be committed for life.”

Davis and Floyd then welcomed their first child together, a son named Ace, in May about a month after their engagement. To announce the happy news, the Teen mom The star shared a series of Polaroid photos that were taken throughout her pregnancy. The last photo on the slide included a photo of Floyd, Davis, the Are you the chosen one? Ryder, Alum’s daughter, whom she shares with ex Cory Wharton, and baby Ace. She captioned the photos, writing, “Life is complete, all praise high.”

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